A great opening day

by Jeff Hocking
(Whitesboro, NY)

All during bow season i passed up 7 or 8 small bucks most of them a year and a half old and a couple 2 year old small eight pointers. I was feeling quite dejected because there was great sign in the area i was hunting with large rubs and big scrapes.

My hunting partner had already taken a nice eight pointer. Well bow season ended with nothing to show for it.

Now opening day of gun was here and that morning while getting ready i could not find my cold weather hunting boots so i had to borrow my step sons boots as he was not hunting that day because he was going to New York City with his mother.

I arrived at my stand about a half hour before first light. We hunt a 65 acre piece of property that consists of thick bedding areas apple trees open hard wood with beautiful white oaks and a 4 acre food plot planted with Rape seed.

I settled into my stand and at first light there were a few shots above me. Then at 7:30 i looked down to my left and saw 6 does walking a straight line about 75 yards out they disappeared into the thick brush below me.

About 5 minutes later i caught movement in the thicket and saw a body of a deer knowing it was probably the does that just passed me i watched the spot where i figured they would come out in the open.

Just then i turned to my left for a quick look and there he was walking straight toward me about 25 yards out a beautiful high and tight eight pointer with good mass and long G2's. I brought my gun up and clicked off the safety. He looked up the hill as if he heard the safety click and then turned and started walking down the hill toward the thicket.

I knew that if he got to the thicket i would have no shot so when he cleared some trees i grunted at him to stop him. I settled the open sights on my shotgun right on the center of his neck at 45 yards pulled the trigger and dropped him right in his tracks.

I just sat there in my treestand looking at the biggest buck i have ever shot. So over come with emotion i called my hunting partner who was sitting about 200 yards below me he came up and we celebrated.

Those boots i borrowed from my step son are now my lucky boots and i will have to buy him a new pair because he is never getting those back.

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